As florist’s and flower enthusiasts are applauding Harry and Meghan’s wedding flowers by the super talented Phillipa Craddock I have been having a looks as why florists will be encouraging and embracing the flowers and techniques used.

The Bouquet:
If we think about Meghan’s understated but ever so pretty and delicate bouquet. It was made with white Astilbe, Astrantia, seasonal and scented Lily of the Valley and Sweet Peas. All small headed flowers, many seasonal and scented using high quality British blooms. There is no dominant focal flower, no compact rigid shape; the flowers have room to show off their delicacy and airy qualities. I always encourage brides to use seasonal flowers where possible, they will be at their best, they will often be scented and you can support the great British flower growers that we have.

Church flowers:
The archway! It was absolutely stunning, a royal wedding needs a grand and opulent entrance and this was achieved and more. The use of classic white and green is a fail safe way to produce a elegant, timeless display. The naturalistic approach using hedgerow flowers such as Cow Parsley and seasonal Beech, Birch and Hornbeam emulate a natural free growing British garden or climbing roses patch. As a florist the behind the scenes mechanics are just as important as the floral front and the arch installation was created all without the use of floral foam. Florists and industry professionals are starting to move away from the use of foam and the negative environmental connotations it holds as it does not bio-degrade. There are a variety of other techniques that can be applied by the use of chicken wire, moss and water phials. The use of floral foam is still high particularly in funeral flowers but there are alternatives for those you want to explore them.

Finally the royal wedding flowers were dismantled and donated to London hospices and women’s refuge charities which is a heartwarming gesture. Often brides or clients have some concern that their flowers will go to waste or be disposed of after a event. Most florists will be happy to accommodate such a kind gesture.

I am thrilled that such a high profile event showcased the amazing talent of British florists and flower growers. It will hopefully path a way to show brides that seasonal, British flowers used in a environmentally conscious way can look breathtaking.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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