Why choose Sweet Peas for your wedding bouquet 

The Sweet Pea is truly one of my favourite flowers; as a florist I admit I have many favourites but the Sweet Pea is up there with the best. Not many other flowers comes close to its beautiful sweet peppery scent. The range of colours from pinks, purples, yellows, whites and reds are so varied and true.

The Sweet Pea makes a perfect addition for any bride in their wedding bouquet. There is always a perfect shade to go with your wedding colour palette. The scent will left your spirits and create a amazing fragrant memory of your wedding day every time you smell Sweet Peas. The flower heads look great peaking above other flowers to show it off in all its glory. They are so suited to a beautiful natural garden gathered style wedding bouquet. I also love Sweet Peas in arrangements for table centrepieces or church decoration. I love them with other seasonal British delights including Foxgloves, garden Roses and Mint. If using Sweet Peas ideally I would arrange into a vessel using chicken wire and fresh water rather than floral foam and they much prefer it. The heady scent will fill the church or wedding venue with a beautiful natural seasonal aroma.

The Sweet Pea or Lathryus ordatus by its Latin name is from the Fabaceae family. It is a annual climber that blooms from late Spring to early Summer. Sweet Peas are grown extensively for the commercial cut flower market under glass. This makes them typically available from March through to July. We have some great commercial growers in the UK who produce beautiful Sweet Peas for the cut flower industry.

For your own cut flowers it is the perfect flower to grow yourself as its hardy and easy to grow. I grow my Sweet Peas in very rustic raised bed with standard compost. I construct a simple tripod out of bamboo canes to support the climbing shoots. I always start my seeds of in little trays first and keep them either on a window sill or in my mini greenhouse until the last frost has passed around April to then plant directly in the soil. To encourage more side shoots you can pinch tips out at around 10cm in height. Once in flower take regular cuttings to encourage fresh blooms before and you will have flowers for a good number of weeks.

I guarantee Sweet Peas will bring you joy, include them in your wedding bouquet, go buy some from your local florist or flower grower or have a go yourself.








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