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Why dried flowers?
Dried flowers have many benefits. You may want a memorable keepsake from your wedding day, wedding flowers are expensive therefore it is great to be able to keep or gift to fellow guests an important part of your big day. Dried flowers are a natural alterative to fabric or plastic faux flowers which still come with scent, natural movement and texture. They can be re-used or re-purposed, your flower crown you wore to your wedding will still be wearable to that next summer festival if looked after well. If you want flowers out of season; using fresh flowers out of season can be tricky to get hold of but also extremely pricey, Peonies in December can be achieved if you use dried.
Custom and personalised orders
Yes! I love working with you on your wedding or event to create something unique, personal and bespoke. Drop me a message and let’s talk flowers. Please note that made to order items can take longer to process normally within 1-3 weeks, however certain specifications or large orders can take longer depending on product availability. I can advise you specific on process dates.
When to order
For weddings ideally aim to receive your order no more than 2 months before the date, this enables them to look their best and avoid any possible damage or atmospheric problems. If you have a large wedding or customised order I am happy to book a date in advance for you.
Care instructions
Dried flower material is delicate in its nature and can shed the odd petal. Ideally keep in original packaging until usage. Keep away from water, direct sunlight and heat sources. With some loving care dried products can last for a long time and be enjoyed again and again.

To keep clean gently blow away any dust very occasionally use a hairdryer on a low and cool setting, do not spray with water or cleaning products.

Wreaths – All my wreaths are made with natural dried ingredients that are designed to last. To keep colour vibrancy ideally use away from direct sunlight. Dried flower wreaths are ideally suited to indoor use away from heat sources and damp. For a outside wedding or event they would be suitable on a dry day.

Bouquets – Keep your dried flower wedding bouquet in its original packaging before use and avoid over handling. On your wedding day hold your bouquet at hip height to show off your beautiful gown. If you have an all-round style bouquet tilt it slightly down for pictures as it shows it off to its best. After your wedding your bouquet would look great in a suitable sized vase or container, away from heat, damp and direct sunlight.

Buttonholes – Before use store in the original packaging away from heat, water and direct sunlight. All purchased buttonholes come with pins for you to attach. Insert the pin into a small section of your suit or clothing, continue inserting the pin in the centre in the stems and finish in another small section of your clothing. Men traditionally wear buttonholes on the left women on the right.

Flower crowns & hair accessories – Before use store in its original packaging and avoid over handling. All my flower crowns are made on a light wire base that makes them super light and comfortable to wear. I use standard sizing although each crown is fit with small discreet loops at the back to enable adjustments. Depending on hairstyling the crowns can be worn across the forehead festival style or in the hair tiara style. For extra stability I would recommend asking your hairdresser to attach a couple of hair pins into the loops.

All hair accessories including pins, combs and barrette clips benefit from handling with care and storing in original packaging. Attach carefully into the hair avoiding contact with hair products,

Destination Weddings
If you wish to take your dried flowers abroad, please contact your airline provider for details regarding the regulations for this before ordering.
Gift wrapping and packaging
Every item purchased is gift wrapped in Bella Poppy’s signature style. Great care and attention is made to ensure each item is packaged and well protected in transit. If you wish to send an item as a gift, please notify at checkout I can include a personal message and exclude the sales receipt which can be emailed to you directly.
Process Times

Some items are made specially made to order which can take 1-2 weeks process time. Please see individual shop listings for details.

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